Can I have my own support team?                                            No


Can I use sticks at any point?                                                    No


Can I have a drop bag?                                                             Yes medium holdall style only, CLEARLY labelled with your                                                                                                             name, with weight limit of 18kg MAX


What will the 'hot food' be at the main indoor CP's?                 Jacket potato/soup/pasta/tea/coffee/basic breakfast items


Do you cater for dietry requirements?                                       Yes to a certain extent


When can I access my drop bag?                                             Main indoor CP's only


Is this a stage race?                                                                  Its classed as non-stop but you should treat it as one


Can I sleep at the indoor CP's?                                                 Yes...plan your rest


How much road is there?                                                          About 330 miles


How much off road?                                                                   About 130


What are the cut-offs?                                                               Daily main CP entry and exit cuts. The ability to cover around                                                                                                         50+ per day


How long will indoor CP's stay open?                                        Each one will have an entry cut off and exit early morning


Will there be help on the mountains?                                         We will have a dedicated mountain team


What if I drop out?                                                                       We will aim to get you to a train station when convenient


Will it be tracked?                                                                        There will be Track Trail tracking and live results


How many days will this take?                                                     10


Whats the entry requirements?                                                    I will accept several 100's....but you will need to be very good


What other CP's are there?                                                          Water/Snacks/Chia bars every 20-25 miles

Will there be GPX?                                                                      We will supply a GPX guide. You should refine and check this


Will you supply maps?                                                                 No you should  create your own maps based on the GPX

Will there be cutoffs?                                                                   Yes very strict daily cutoffs for reaching main indoor CPS

Will I need kit?                                                                             Yes there will be a compulsory kit list

Will I need insurance?                                                                 Yes its compulsory. We cannot insure this distance.